Not only for business promotion purposes, but mugs or tumblers are also often chosen as souvenirs for various events ranging from birthdays to weddings. Mugs or tumblers are favorite merchandise because they are durable and can be used every day. If the mug has a fairly limited choice of shapes, on the contrary, the tumbler offers a more varied choice of shapes. The size of the tumbler also varies. The wider tumbler field than a mug allows you to add even more promotional information. Aside from that, if you want a more cost-efficient type of bottles, you may choose Nalgene Bottles as your company’s promotional souvenir.

In addition, there are several other types of promotional souvenirs that are loved by many people, such as:

Rubber Key Chain

Unique rubber key chains are still the mainstay merchandise for companies, institutions, and communities. In addition to affordable production costs, these rubber key chains are durable, not easily damaged and can be made to follow the desired designs. An attractive design will make rubber key chain merchandise more and more preferred by consumers.

Tote Bag

Tote bag is a model of a tote bag or bag that can be carried with one hand or placed on one shoulder. For merchandise, tote bags are usually made of canvas fabric or commonly called canvas tote bags, spun-bond fabrics, calico fabrics and some use paper.

Like t-shirts, tote bags are preferred by consumers as merchandise because they can be used in daily activities. As for business people, the broad tote bag field makes it easy to display business attributes and design content for promotion. In terms of price, tote bags are somewhat cheaper compared to the cost of producing promotional jackets and t-shirts.

Suitcases and Travel Bags

Travel agency companies usually choose exclusive merchandise in the form of luggage and travel bags. Of course, both of these merchandise will be very encouraging for consumers who receive it because they can utilize both of these merchandise in the journey that will be carried out. You can make matching luggage and travel bags by highlighting colors that are identical to your business. Of course, the logo, brand, and tagline can also be added with screen printing or embroidery techniques.