A condominium with the type of studio unit is one of the occupations that are in great demand by urban society. In addition to the relatively cheap price factor compared to other condominium types, the design of studio units is considered to be simpler and more flexible. However, the limited space in the studio unit makes its occupants must be careful in decorating the interior of this type of residence. It doesn’t have to be expensive to get a beautiful and attractive studio-type condominium decor. You may simply use cheap-festive decorative items and express your creative side, so the appearance of the room in the vertical residential unit will be beautiful. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an affordable condo in Singapore, you may take a look at the Parc Clematis price.

Here are tips on decorating studio unit condominiums using affordable items:

Use masking tapes

The wall is one part that can be decorated in various ways. For example, you can decorate favorite motif artwork on the walls of condominium rooms using masking tapes.

In that way, studio type condominium rooms will look attractive and have character. Besides being cheap and easy to get, masking tape can be created in various forms.

Make it beautiful with an attractive patterned cushion

Another way to make studio-type condominium decor feels beautiful without having to spend a lot of money is to apply an attractive patterned cushion.

Besides being able to beautify the interior concept of the condominium, the use of a pillowcase with attractive motifs can be a sweet focal point for the overall appearance of the room. Additionally, if you need to buy a condo at a fair price, then perhaps you must check out the Parc Clematis price.

Add ornamental plants

If you choose to settle in a condominium with a type of studio unit, don’t let land limitations become an obstacle for you to have ornamental plants.

The presence of ornamental plants in the dwelling will not only beautify the room but also can make your condominium unit healthier and fresher.