The snowboard used at a glance is similar to an ordinary longboard but has been equipped with several components, so that it can cross snow and it goes down the tracks easily. On the other hand, if you’re still looking for a nice place for snowboarding and skiing, you may need to visit the Ski Resort Hotel Madarao.

Seeing other people enjoying skating on this board does look fun, but if you are not used to it, it might actually be high risk. Because after all this sport has a reasonable risk, so before enjoying the first few things:

Use the equipment correctly

Before playing the ice skating, it is mandatory to check the condition of the equipment to be used, make sure it is in good condition. Then when installed it is also in accordance with the rules and conditions, so there is no risk of the board suddenly detached in the middle of the track.

Don’t forget protective equipment

In addition to using the proper basic equipment, you are also required to use protective equipment. If all this time often neglects the obligation to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle on a highway, try in this case not to neglect the obligation. Use a helmet, warm clothes, and glasses because it could be as long as you cross the area with snow or ice water that has formed ice cubes on the tops of the rocks and trees that are passed.