The easiest way to build your confidence is to start learning to love yourself, give positive suggestions to yourself every day, motivate yourself and do many things outside of your habits that can increase your sense of appreciation and appreciation for yourself. Your confidence does not come in a short time, you have to start building it slowly. Start accepting and giving thanks for all the achievements you are getting now, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t care about what other people say and do now what you want to do. Be dare to take risks and responsibilities from the decisions and choices you make, and after you become confident, you may want to know how to text a girl.

Love Yourself

When you feel inferior approaching the woman you like it because you have not been able to be comfortable with yourself and can not forgive mistakes that you have done in the past. And that is why you cannot love yourself.

You cannot give kindness to yourself. The easiest kindness you can give yourself is to always give positive suggestions to yourself. In addition, your inferiority also arises because you do not yet know and understand with certainty the potential, strengths, and talents that you have.

Then how can you make a woman love you if you can’t love yourself? How can you make a woman comfortable with you if you cannot be comfortable with yourself by being insecure when you want to approach a woman?

Surround yourself with supportive people

One way you can trust yourself is to learn confidence from the experiences of people around you. So surround yourself with supportive people who can support you to become a better person and you can learn confidence from them.

If all this time you are still hanging out with friends who have the same fate with you, your single friends who only influence you to continue to be in the comfort zone to be a lost man who does not dare to approach women, you will never develop and increase your confidence together with them. It’s because they also have the same problem as you.

So, look for and find supportive people who can make you realize that you are valuable.