Home paint color is not just a complement to both the exterior and interior of the house. However, it turns out the color of house paint can also describe the character of the occupants. Due to the need for the color of the house that has never receded in the world of property, it is not surprising that the trend of home colors always changes from year to year. Aside from that, you can hire the best painting service near your area if you can’t paint your house yourself painting service singapore.

If you want to have a good color combination, here is a list of popular minimalist home paint color combinations:

# 1 Abu Lilac

In 2019, the gray color with a purple undertone will be one of the most popular and popular colors of minimalist house paint. With a mysterious purple injection, the minimalist house’s paint color feels warm, neutral, and cheerful at the same time. In order to have painted of a minimalist home color that is quite different and stylish, you can try to apply this unique and charming lilac paint.

# 2 Hazelnut

The color of hazelnut for minimalist home paint represents a warm and inviting atmosphere in a classic, young cream style. One of the advantages of choosing this color is that you can easily combine furniture and decor elements. You can start from the dark and dark part of the house to do renovations or change the order of rooms with hazelnut colors. Next, you can try to apply the color of the minimalist hazelnut house to make the atmosphere brighter and wider.

# 3 Dark Green

The most popular and popular color of the minimalist house paint is dark green. This color tends to be identical with dark green in the jungle. There is an impression that is a natural, comfortable, and strong character if you choose dark green as a minimalist choice of home color. If you want to use this dark green for the color of your minimalist home, then you are advised to paint the house in a large room and enough lighting.