One of the main reasons why selling mobility scooters far exceeds electric wheelchairs in Singapore and around the world is because it looks more attractive, especially among the elderly. There is an assumption that if you sit in a wheelchair, whether electric or ordinary, it will look like a person with disabilities. While driving a mobility scooter seems to have a different social stigma. Even driving a mobility scooter can be said to be very pleasant. Aside from that, if you need a good mobility scooter, you may visit this site soon.

In addition, there are things that must be truly understood before being proficient in operating an electric wheelchair. Normally, new users will need two days to two weeks to get used to electric wheelchairs, especially in controlling it in areas that are quite challenging (narrow downwards or doorways).

Conversely, mobility scooter users find it much easier to master it, especially users who are used to driving cars, motorbikes, or bicycles. It’s so easy, even children aged 3-4 years can operate a mobility scooter. The ease of use is far more attractive to the elderly who may need a long time to learn new things.