Do you often clean the spring differently with a vacuum cleaner? However, if your spring bed is stained with blood or your baby’s pee you can’t help but have to clean the spring bed with water. Not everyone does cleaning spring beds using water. The reason is, they are worried that a wet spring bed will be difficult to dry and leave a musty smell. Meanwhile, you may call the best mattress and ultra brite carpet tile cleaning if you can’t clean your mattresses by yourself.

We will share how to clean the spring bed mattress using water, here are the steps:

Provide a spray bottle (spray), then fill the bottle with cold water. In addition, you also have to use Microfiber cloth.

Spray water on the spring bed then rubs it with a microfiber cloth.

To make a spring bed that is slick and fragrant, you can mix a little liquid fragrance into the water bottle. To remove the stain, simply spray cold water and pat the stain with a microfiber cloth. Stains will be absorbed by the microfiber cloth.

Jemur spring bed in the sun. It takes 1 day to make sure the spring bed is completely dry.

After drying, clean the spring bed by using a vacuum cleaner to ensure that the dust on the spring bed is completely gone.

How to clean a foam mattress

If you don’t want your foam mattress to be stained by blood or your child’s pee, you should cover a foam cloth with a waterproof mat before it is covered with bed linen, In addition, foam mattresses can also be coated with waterproof sheets.

Although it cannot be cleaned with water, it does not mean that the foam mattress does not need to be cleaned. You can use the following ways to clean the foam mattress:

Clean the dust on a foam mattress using a vacuum cleaner.

Dry a foam mattress in the sun for several hours.

When drying, hit the mattress with a thick to remove dust that sticks to the mattress when dried.

After the mattress is lifted and brought in, re-clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner so that the mattress becomes more hygienic.

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