The function of the HDMI cable is as a connecting connector between one device and another device, where enough with one cable (HDMI) then the video and audio data will be sent better quality. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best slim hdmi cable, we recommend you to only buy it from the most trusted online store for HDMI cables.

Here are the advantages of these cables:

Because it is digital, HDMI does not compress the signal so that it will produce good quality.

The HDMI cable transfers data up to 10.2 GB per second so that it will produce a better picture and sound quality.

HDMI can communicate in two directions so that one can interact with one another. Suppose:
an HDTV (High Definition TV) with DVD Player, in short, can communicate with each other to get the best settings so that the image appears optimally.

The HDMI cable uses a single cable, although there are actually 19 cables wrapped in a single cable. Thus making the HDMI cable into use.