It is undeniable, quality posts become the cornerstone of building a successful blog in the long run. There are so many topics that make people start a blog, such as business, entertainment, as well as motivational speeches. Writing posts like that need energy and time because there are many things that need to be prepared and done. Not surprisingly, a number of bloggers succumbed to these conditions.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways for people to share knowledge, experience, and also to make money. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a job or activity without risk. Not the fear of lacking the writing skills, but fear that our quality posts will be copied and pasted by other people. This fear might be in the form of, “I’ve been tired of writing quality posts, other people have as good as their stomachs copied my posts. Worse yet, the copied posts are higher in position than my posts on Google. So, I’m lazy to write quality posts again “.

Fear like that endangers your blog in the long run. Why? Because your blog will run out of quality posts, scattered, or flooded with perfunctory posts.

The solution?

First, keep writing quality posts. Focus your energy and time on writing, not to think of other people who will copy your posts. Thus, you will continue to have a positive vibe in developing your blog.

Second, be kind to Google. Why? Because sooner or later, Google will provide a better position for quality posts belonging to the original author.

Third, share your posts on your social media account as soon as possible. For example, after you publish these posts, directly open your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account and share the post. Thus, you have strong social proof that you are the original author of the post. Maybe this activity will help if you submit a DMCA to Google.