I recall the gloomy days of my child’s mental imbalance. I mean very boring days. The day when, for example, he was excluded from language training for eating away at an advisor miracle healing prayers. That’s the point where I feel the saddest of all. That is, if language teaching is where they have to support them and he is expelled, what does that mean? Where can we go from that point?

What I did during the season of despair was that I was connected with 12 lines of petitions that would beg God for your child with mental imbalances. I really need people to petition God for my child and I can’t care about their religion or self-confidence. I was very panicked. I started normally (and consistently I mean every day) considering 12 lines of requests that would petition God for your village dog with chemical imbalances and requests to correct requests to say for my child. Overall I will call Catholics, Christians, Jews and Non-denominations.

The first opportunity when I called the Prayer for healing to request an improvement for Daniel, I felt very insulted. The assistant applicant just asked me for what reasons we were begging for and I said he had a mental imbalance and I needed it to be better. He was an outsider on the telephone and I felt ridiculous and urgent, but he immediately said a pleasing petition for him. When I hung up the phone I felt so relieved that I just cried. In the following days I began to feel irregular qualities that I could not describe. I thought that really helped us. It is remarkable to realize that confident individuals everywhere throughout the world petition God for your child.

I realized Prayer for healing that there might be different guards out there today who feel when I feel the sentiment of extraordinary gloom. Today I recall the path of healing requests that I have called every year before. Despite the fact that I respect both the individual petition and the condition of my child as something very personal, in any case I tear this page from my diary to give it to you. Some of the lines of this petition are answered by a living individual and others are recorded as motivational messages. The following are 12 lines of requests that will petition God for your child with chemical imbalances. They are the people who begged me for my child during the least hours of my life.