There is a slight difference between a beautiful house that is full of decoration and a messy house. Maybe you intend to make your home more beautiful and artsy and have an efficient storage area, but in fact, it is a mess. The best solution for this security is by utilizing a warehouse rental service self storage hk. Self-storage or 自存倉 is very useful for those of you who need more space to store household items or furniture that accumulate in your home or apartment. However, there are some things that you might need to trim before storing them in the warehouse that you rent.

1. Kitchen appliances. Teapots with beautiful shapes, colorful plates and glasses do look attractive. However, it must be admitted, this kitchen equipment is actually rarely used and only fills the kitchen. So it’s good to get rid of it or use a hanging rack. True, hanging shelves are efficient for storing goods. However, if there are too many at home, this will make the house look messy. If the problem persists then move them to the warehouse you rent.

2. Sofa cushions. Maybe you want the sofa to feel more comfortable by putting lots of pillows of various sizes. Even though with fewer pillows, the sofa will look neater. We recommend using two sizes of pillows for the sofa and adjust the amount to the size.

3. Old decoration. It is not suggesting throwing away your parents’ old things. But if it’s just a display that’s not very valuable, you need to think about getting rid of it because this will make the house mess. If it’s not excessive, table decoration can indeed make the decoration prettier. However, if the size is too large or too many, the function of the table will also be reduced and the arrangement of the house will not be neat. Using the self-storage will help you tidy up your house and still keeping valuable items full of memories.

4. Book Stack. Sometimes they can make the house more classic, but often it looks messy. You should put the books on the shelf so that they are neater.