The 1300 number or Local Level Number is the dialing route dialing number. They divert calls to your predetermined landline or multipurpose number. The main advantage of these numbers is that clients who call to your Local Tariff Number are only charged the closest rates that are not dependent on their land position. So 1,300 numbers really help business organizations, instructive foundations, and many different associations that need more clients to call them 1300 calls free.

The 1300 number offers many alternative steering and adjustments for your size, area, and type of business. You can choose at least one goal number depending on the area of ??your guest or the time the call was made. You can also choose further transfer to a different number when your first decision is occupied or not returned. The following are the main directive options that you can modify when setting your 1300 number and can request changes later. Area based routing option with 1300 numbers

Australia Wide Routing (1 zone)

Alternative Routing allows you to direct all land calls made using Australia to its own destination number.

Country-Based Routing (8 regions)

The country-based steering option in 1300 number coordinates calls made using various conditions to the point of recording in separate circumstances. Example; calls made using NSW land numbers will be coordinated to your office in NSW and from the state of Victoria to an office in Victoria. This option is useful when your business has a workplace in more than one country.

Route Province (58 regions)

Calls produced using a variety of local 1300 number you will be coordinated to the point of record in that area by arranging the district based steering. This is useful if your business has a workplace or call focus in many places in the country. There are 58 complete locales, for example, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Gosford.

Portable Routing (203 regions)

Portable based steering is the main alternative to direct calls that are produced using mobile phones to the various focus of attention that depends on the flexible guest area. Without this steering alternative, cell phone calls are coordinated to a solitary standard answer point. There are 203 regions where you can divert versatile calls. In each zone you can have two focus records one for cell phone calls and another for land calls.