Month: September 2019

5 Character Of Employees You Must Recruit

Most companies want qualified employees, high quality, then a good work ethic, optimal in using their potential, especially staffing agency in Anderson SC . But in fact, not a few companies are wrong to recruit.

Now, to be able to make your business grow, you need 5 characteristics of employees that you must recruit:

1. Quick Adaptation
Employees who are quick to adapt to the new environment will use this opportunity to show their achievements. Meanwhile, employees who can not adapt mostly tend to be silent, passive, do not want to move and make the boss as an excuse; why they don’t develop.

2. Have Passion
Well, people who have passion can be seen from the enthusiasm in communication. When communication he can show enthusiasm, showing his passion at work. Eager to get to know new people, eager to know who his coworkers are, eager to know what his responsibilities are. These are important people that you should recruit.

3. Has Positive Characters
This positive character doesn’t need to go too far. You do not need to know people for years, to know the character is good or bad. Simple, to know the character of the person is good or bad, namely: does that person have manners?

4. Result Oriented
Some employees have goals, some employees have no goals, some employees know where they are going today, and some employees come from work. Well, my advice is to look for people who have goals. What’s the difference? How to distinguish people who have goals with no goals?

5. Ability to Commit
The difference between commitment and non-commitment is: people who are committed will carry out the task, whatever the reason. Even they will run errands or jobs even if not in the mood. If you are not in a good mood, the task will continue. Well, that means he has a good commitment.

So, you can understand some important characteristics to help your business be more effective in recruiting more appropriate people.

This Is How To Camping Safely From Wild Animals

Camping in a wild forest, like a forest in a national park or mountain area, is not a safe place to stay, even though it’s fun. You might think of having a good time there with your friends and making a campfire for warmth . However, the presence of animals that are used to looking for food there at night might be a threat.

However, you can anticipate it by trying the following suggestions:

Choose campsites that are far from animal activities

Setting up a tent on the edge of a beautiful lake may be the desire of many people. But, just like us, other wildlife dwellers will also need water sources. So, camping in a place a little further from a water source is a better idea.

Also, don’t set up tents or campsites in places that have traces of wild animals. If you are on a mountain, set up a tent only at the campsite that is commonly used by climbers or permitted by the manager of the area.

Don’t light a campfire

If it is not in an artificial campsite, never light a large fire in the middle of the wild. Nocturnal animals will be attracted to hearing human noises, including the appeal of a campfire. This will make them feel curious and they might check out your campsite to find out what’s going on there.

Do not litter or store food outside the tent

Even if you need plenty of space to rest, don’t leave food or rest outside the camping ground. Even if you aren’t in an area with dangerous predators, you certainly don’t want to wake squirrels that can damage your tent or scratch you.

Hang the hammock high above the ground

If you want to sleep on a hammock, rather than in a tent, hang the hammock in a safe place. It’s like hanging it higher and choosing a tree that isn’t home to small tree animals, like squirrels, living.